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Equine Herpes Virus

There have been concerns about outbreaks of EHV-1 in Erie County, NY, and Warren County, PA in the last few days.

Here is a very informative and helpful link to the USDA's website about EHV:


This is the information on the Erie County, NY Cases:

May 6, 2016: Three aged mares, all displaying neurological symptoms were confirmed positive for Equine Herpes Virus-1 on PCR. Neurological symptoms along with a positive EHV-1 PCR meets the case definition for Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM). Both EHV-1 and EHM are reportable in New York. All three mares are from the same farm. One of those mares has been euthanized for humane reasons. The entire farm has been quarantined. Biosecurity measures and twice daily temperature monitoring are in place. NYS Dept of Ag & Markets is continuing to monitor the situation and look for any other potentially exposed animals.

Update on the PA EHV Cases:

The Doylestown, Bucks County boarding facility quarantine is down to just one horse that has been maintained as a separate population.  This last, recovered clinical case seems to be getting pretty close to meeting the requirements for quarantine release—so we may manage to get this last part of this quarantine revoked before the six month mark!

At PARX racetrack, barn 4 completed the required waiting period and then all of the horses in that barn were sampled and tested negative for EHV-1 this week and that barn’s quarantine has been lifted.  Barn 31 (formerly 30) where more of the cases were identified, remains under quarantine but hopefully will be eligible to be tested off quarantine in the next few weeks.  The recovered positive horses will require two negative tests at least a week apart before they are released from quarantine. 


The Bedford County EHV quarantine was revoked after twenty one days with no clinical signs of illness in the exposed mules on the premises and negative test results on those animals.